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Learn More About The Principles and Practice of Low Vision Rehabilitation (PPLVR) Learning Community


The PPLVR Learning Community is a peer-to-peer online network where low vision rehabilitation (LVR) professionals can meet one another, share knowledge and new ideas, discuss challenging cases, and keep current on issues of concern to LVR practitioners. The PPLVR Learning Community is designed to complement the PPLVR living textbook. Optometrists, ophthalmologists, occupational therapists, orientation and mobility specialists, vision teachers, social workers, psychologists, and other vision rehabilitation and education professionals are invited to join at no cost and participate regularly.


The PPLVR Online Living Textbook


PPLVR is an online living textbook that aims to educate and 'raise the quality bar' by offering the most affordable, comprehensive and authoritative body of knowledge on low vision rehabilitation. The living textbook is created by 41 highly recognized and respected authors. Upon completion, it will have 32 chapters divided into 3 sections:


  1. Basic Science of Low Vision Rehabilitation
  2. Clinical Principles of Low Vision Rehabilitation
  3. Practical Low Vision Rehabilitation


The PPLVR offers practicing professionals the opportunity to fill a hole in their education at their own pace, on their own schedule, at a significant cost savings, with the same depth of knowledge that is offered in an advanced academic course of study.


Completing a User Profile


Completing your profile allows you to network with other members of the PPLVR Learning Community; post comments on published articles; submit articles, case reports, and multimedia presentations/demonstrations for publication; participate in threaded forums and live chats; and use the Shopping Cart to register for online continuing education courses.


Completing your profile allows you to share information with other members.


The information you can add includes:

  • education information, such as, degrees and schools you attended
  • professional information, such as, profession(s), Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, OT, O&M, CLVT, etc.
  • professional societies and organizations
  • your website

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