The Provision of Low Vision Rehabilitation Services for Children, Youths, and Adolescents: An Initial Discussion

Professor Emerita Department of Special Education, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Vanderbilt University
Nov 22 2010
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Only 86 years have passed since Anne Sullivan Macy was shown a pair of telescopic lenses and stated, “I never knew there was so much in the world to see” (Koestler, 1976).1 Only 57 years have passed since the first low vision clinics were established in New York City.2 And, it has been only 53 years since the Veterans Administration included low vision devices as an appropriate part of rehabilitation services for veterans.2 And, nearly 50 years have passed since Barraga’s dissertation study was published on increasing a child’s visual efficiency through specific activities; because of her work children who had been treated as if they were blind were beginning to be taught how to use their functional vision.3 So, why in 2010 are we still struggling to ensure that children and youths receive comprehensive low vision services?

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